About Northern Execs

Welcome to Northern Execs.  This blog is managed by small business owners for small business owners.  We will attempt to post articles relavant to small local business management and marketing in the 21st Century marketplace.

While business basic theory  remains constant, business climate is an ever evolving entity.  The failure of any business to morph with the times will undoubtedly end in the demise of that buiness.  Today’s modern digital market presents many challenges to small businesses. Advertising and marketing budgets are smaller than large conglomerates.  It is very tempting to cost cut in this area and selecting a right marketing service is a feat in itself.  But the  failure of any business owner to realize the importance of staying abreast the latest and greatest marketing techniques is business suicide.

We will attempt to stress the basics but provide insight and direction in up and coming concepts.  Hopefully we will achieve our goal to provide important pertinent marketing insight that can be of value to any small business owner, Northern or otherwise